Cape Verdean Veterans of American Wars

In honor of Armistice/ Veterans Day this post will honor Cape Verdean veterans of American Wars.

The Cape Verdean community here in the States should be very proud of all the Patriots it has produced and lost in every American war since the beginning; fighting for its independence, it’s struggle to remain a unified nation and for the abolition of slavery. We have fought with her against fascists and saved millions from death camps all over Europe. We were there in Korea and Vietnam and every other time Americans have been called to serve this country, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is a partially list of the thousands of Cape Verdeans that have served this great nation (info provided by :

Documented Cape Verdean military soldiers in the Revolutionary war for Independence from England were collected by Jose dos Anjos in his research of Cape Verdean military soldiers

James Pease (Jaime Pires)
Anthony Briffin (Antonio Britto)
Andrew deBarrow (Andre de Barros)
John Gomes
John Lopes
I added what may have been their original names in Cape Verde.

He also includes an extensive list of Cape Verdeans who served in the Navy and Army in the Civil War


Name Age Complection Occupation Home
Antoine, Joseph 21 Negro Mariner Cape Verde
Antone, George 31 Mulatto None Cape Verde
Antone, Manuel 19 Black Mariner Cape Verde
Antone, Manuel 27 Mulatto None Cape Verde
Pedro Antone 30 Negro None Cape Verde
Antonio, George 32 Mulatto Sailor Cape St. Vincent, Cape Verde
Antonio, George 34 Mulatto Mariner St. Vincent, Cape Verde
Antonio, Joseph 22 Mulatto Steward Cape Verde
Antonio, Sylva 34 Negro Mariner/Carpenter Cape Verde
Antonio, Vincent 43 Negro Mariner Cape Verde
Bettis, Anton 31 Negro None Cape Verde
Bin, Philip 32 Black Sailor/Carpenter Cape Verde
Bisley, Henry M. 28 Mulatto Cook & Steward Bon Vista, Cape Verde
Cori, John 26 Mulatto Mariner Cape Verde
Correia, Joseph 25 Mulatto Mariner Cape Verde
DeBaron, Manuel A. 21 Mulatto Mariner Cape Verde
DeCruz, Antonio 33 Negro None Buena Vista, Cape Verde
Dees, Clement 27 Mulatto Mariner San Antonio, Cape Verde
Ford, Peter 27 Negro None Cape Verde
Francis, Antonio 24 Negro Sailor Cape Verde
Gomes, Ambroze 23 Mulatto None Cape Verde
Gomez, John 25 Black Mariner Porta Praya, Cape Verde
Gomez, Manuel 22 Black Seaman Bravo, Cape Verde
Goney, George 23 Negro Sailor/Farmer Port Praya, Cape Verde
Gonzales, Manuel 24 Mulatto None Cape Verde
John, Manuel 28 Mulatto Carpenter/Cooper Cape Verde
Johnson, John 21 Mulatto Steward Cape Verde
Johnson, John 21 Mulatto Steward Cape Verde
Jokim, John 36 Negro Sailor Porto Praya, Cape Verde
Jose, Antonio M. 23 Black
Cape Verde
Lear, Thomas 38 Mulatto Boat steerer Cape Verde
Lewis, Joseph 35 Mulatto None Cape Verde
Lewis, Manuel 30 Black
Bravo, Cape Verde
Lopes, Frank 45 Black Mariner Brava, Cape Verde
Lopes, Robert 27 Black Sailor Cape Verde
Lopes, Roberto 22 Negro None Cape Verde
Lopez, Antonio 21 Mulatto None Cape Verde
Lopez, Antonio 39 Black Seaman Cape Verde
Lopez, Emanuel 25 Black Mariner Cape Verde
Lupps, John 20 Mulatto Cook Cape Verde
Manuel, Antonio 28 Negro Mariner Cape Verde
Marshall, George 25 Mulatto Mariner Cape Verde
Meany, Joseph 25 Negro
Cape Verde
Murphy, James 28 Negro Mariner Cape Verde
Norshus, George 24 Mulatto None Cape Verde
Prez, Manuel A. 43 Mulatto
Cape Verde
Richardson, Charles 21 Mulatto Cook Cape Verde
Robero, Antone 32 Negro None Bravo, Cape Verde
Rosa, Julian 25 Negro None Cape Verde
Sanford, Antonio 19 Negro Sailor Cape Verde
Seeley, John D. 24 Black Cook/Mariner Cape Verde
Silva, Antonio 20
Mariner Cape Verde
Silva, Antonio 22 Colored Seaman Cape Verde
Silver, Joseph S. 20 Negro Mariner Cape Verde
Smith, John 22 Black Sailor Cape Verde
Varas, Christian F. 22 Black Mariner Cape Verde
Williams, John 27 Mulatto Sailor Cape Verde
Williams, Steven 24 Black Mariner Cape Verde


John Antom Togo, Cape Delaware Verde 12 Oct 1864 Portland 11th
U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery abt 1838 11

John Battis Cape De Verde Is 1863 Boston, Massachusetts 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (Colored)

George Gansery Cape De Verde Islands 1864 New York, New York 31st United States Colored Infantry

Joaquin, Jacob Perura Cape De Verde Isles 1864 Jamaica, New York 26th United States Colored Infantry

James Smith Fogo, Cape Delaware Verde 12 Oct 1864 Portland 11th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery abt 1842 8

James Smith Toga, Cape De Verde 1864 Portland 24th United States Colored Infantry

Peter Fernandes born in 1837 who enlisted in the Civil War in 1864 and discharged on 9/29/1865 at the end of the war
Antonion Oliveira born in 1827 who was a sergeant in the Army and discharged 10/31/1865 , also after the war ended.

Also I would like to add my grandfather Frank (xucala) Benoliel Silva born in 1887 joined the Brazilian Navy and took part in the Revolt of the Lashes (Revolta da Chibata) on November 21-22, 1910 and after immigrating to USA he joined the American Navy during WWI and WWII

Arthur Gomes World War II Veteran
Courtesy of ©Ron Barboza Collection
Frank "Xucala" Benoliel Silva
Frank “Xucala” Benoliel Silva Courtesy of © Xucala Collection

Pictures:Arthur Gomes World War II Veteran [picture on the left] and Frank Benoliel Silva [picture on the right]
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10 thoughts on “Cape Verdean Veterans of American Wars”

  1. My father-in-law, Benson Hewitt of Fogo Island, Newfoundland writes ‘local historical ‘ articles for a regional paper. He came across a Joachim Pease, a Medal of Honor recipient (civil war). Mr Pease is described in Wikapedia as being born in Fogo,Newfoundland. Wikipedia and other sites state that his enlistment papers found in the national archives, show that he put Fogo as his birthplace – I’m thinking newfoundland may been added as an ‘internet fact’.
    Pease is listed in military sites as being born on Long Island in 1842.
    Apparently there were many ‘African Americans’ from Long Island who fought in the civil war.
    Benson decided not to write about Pease as local figure because he could not establish any local cross references supporting the story. Fogo is a small, old – by Canadian standards, community with a strong oral history. There is fairly good historical documentation available from the 19th century as it was a regional centre during that period.
    You may be interested in finding if Joachim Pease has a connection to Fogo, Cape Verde rather than Fogo, Newfoundland as the latter, unfortunately, cannot claim him as one of her sons.
    Benson would be happy to provide any further information. Contact info. below
    Mark Horwitz

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    1. Thank you for the information… I had come across Fogo Island, New Foundland in one of my research and it was stated that it was named such after the island of Fogo, Cabo Verde.

      But I will look into Mr. Joachim Pease’s origin and see if he is a son of Cabo Verde

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      1. As a Medal of Honor Historian I can testify to fact that Joachim Pease was a former whalrer and before that a Cape Verde islander–his enlstment abaord nthe KEARSARGE shows the name Joachim Pease written by the yeoman who wrote down the name he heard spoken by the gutteral slang of the Cape Verde islands. Man coulld only make his mark–the name came out sounding like Joachim Pease but was almost certainly Joachin Peres. His enlistment record shows Fogo Island as birthplace. A skilled seaman he entered the service with rank of Seaman. After extensive research on him I learned all the above and found his photo as well He is the only African born AQfrican American recipient of the Medal of Honor with the striking of Clement Dees for desertion. Want to know more contact

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